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Google Adwords Management Account Setup
Google Adwords Budget
Keyword Analysis
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review
Search Engine Optimization Package
Social Media Marketing & Integration
Google Adwords Management Account Setup
AliveWebs is an authorized Google Engage Partner
$100.00 USD
We'll manage your Google Adwords campaigns for your website.

We'll provide monthly reporting. The initial setup fee is $100.00. To Receive Continued Adwords Campaign Management support thereafter you must be subscribed to one of our Site Maintenance plans where all of your site maintenance, including Adwords Campaign Management, is charged to the maintenance plan at a reduced rate until that time is exhausted. See Maintenance Plans for more details.
Google Adwords Budget
$0.00 USD
To effectively maintain your website's Google Adwords Campaigns we'll send you a monthly invoice for the budget amount you decide on. Please provide us your budget amount. Be sure to add to your purchase the Adwords Management plan.

We are Google Engage Partners and experts in creating Google Adwords programs for our clients. References are available on request.

We charge a management fee that is separate from your adwords budget and is based on a sliding scale. The only charges to your adwords budget payments are the transactions processing fees (bank fees).

When requested we will provide you with your ID.
Keyword Analysis
We'll complete a keyword analysis including
$300.00 USD
1.) Analyzing Single Keywords
2.) Search Context Analysis
3.) Analysis of Search Term Errors
4.) Analysis of Search Terms by User Segments (Demographics)
5.) Analyzing Highest & Lowest Hit Search Terms (Weighting your keywords)
6.) Competition Keyword Comparison
And provide you with a report of our findings.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review
Search Engines have become a part of our lives

$150.00 USD
When we want to know something we turn to the search engines. People search the Internet when they want to find a company, product, service, cause or idea. Most people who search use generic, descriptive words to search online - not brand names or terms. If your website has no search engine visibility on those keywords you will not be seen by these interested, qualified people who are looking for content like yours.

In the mind of the searcher, the web sites that show up in the first half of the first page are the major players in that field. Your search engine visibility is one of the most important factors in building your brand recognition online.

We'll review and report to you an analysis of the following items.

  • Your website's keywords

  • How many of your website's pages have been catalogued by search engines

  • The number of back links to your website from other sites

  • How the structure and coding of your site works for or against you

  • Your website's current page rank and

  • Some suggestions on how you can improve your SEO

A full site review and report are provided to you by email or video.
Search Engine Optimization Package
$150.00 USD
With the Optimization Package AliveWebs will review your site's SEO strategy. SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the search engine indexing activities.

We'll submit your site to the major search engines and directories and verify that these submissions have been made. These include Google, Bing, DMOZ, Yahoo, Alexa and others.
Social Media Marketing & Integration
AliveWebs will build a Facebook or Twitter business landing page for your company

$150.00 USD
Your strategy for Social Media Marketing and Integration means that you have to (or should) check out the competition all the time and follow folks in the same line of business, spy on them and find out what they�re doing that makes them successful. You�ll find that the most productive individuals are on each of their preferred social sites all the time. Social marketing and networking is really a hands-on, every day function requiring lengthy hours and learning. It isn�t like having a stand alone site. The word �social� means what it says.

When you decide to enter the world of social networking you might have to create your persona, make people today feel that they know you and like you, and most importantly trust you.

Should you have a personal Facebook page where you are interacting with your fans all the time, you'll realize that by that interaction, you are being social. But you'll need to create a separate persona on Facebook if you're doing this for your business and it's a great idea to maintain your company's Facebook presence separately from your personal one. Nobody is going to take your company seriously in the event your friends post issues like �yeah excellent party last night" on your business Facebook page.

How potential customers see you will affect their decision to do business with you. So maintain a separate account and brand your business, keeping your business persona completely separate and unique from your personal one.

We can include virtually all of your Social Networking accounts and links on your website. We'll integrate icons and links for most Social Networking sites. Our list is very extensive and including the following.

  1. Brightkite


  3. Digg

  4. Diigo

  5. Facebook

  6. Facebook Group Id

  7. 0Facebook Page Id

  8. FeedBurner Feed Name

  9. Flickr

  10. FriendFeed

  11. Friendster Id

  12. Hi5

  13. Hyves

  14. Jaiku�

  15. Kwippy


  17. Artist Name

  18. LinkedIn

  19. MeetUp

  20. MeFeedia

  21. Metacafe

  22. MisterWong

  23. MySpace

  24. Netvibes

  25. Newsvine

  26. Ning

  27. Orkut Userid

  28. Photobucket

  29. Picasa

  30. Plurk

  31. Qik

  32. Google Reader Id

  33. Reddit

  34. Simpy

  35. StumbleUpon

  36. Technorati

  37. Tumblr

  38. Twitter

  39. Vox

  40. Vimeo

  41. Xbox Live

  42. Xing

  43. YouTube

  44. External Link URL

  45. And many more ...