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$250.00 USD
Mobile Website
Mobile websites built by AliveWebs are compatible with all major mobile smartphone platforms, including iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.

Click-to-Call button to your mobile site to make it easy for your customers to contact you with a just a push of a button.

Maps & Directions button ensures your customers can find your location with step-by-step directions.

Auto-Sync with your full website any changes made to your original website, including text, images and content, automatically update and sync to your mobile site in real-time.

Keep track of your website visitors with our built-in Mobile Analytics. Easily integrates with Google Analytics.

Include your Twitter feed on your home page, add a Share button to link your site to Facebook, display business reviews from Yelp or share your videos from YouTube.

$10.00 USD
Mobile Site Hosting
Your site will be "big time" even on the small screen, thanks to our mobile site converter.When Smart Phone users visit your site we'll dectect their phone and send them to your new mobile site ... automatically and quickly.

Thumb-Friendly Buttons - Bigger buttons make it easier to access information.
Click-To-Call - Customers can quickly contact you so you get more calls.
Mobile Map With Directions - Step-by-step directions to your business increases in-store traffic.

We Automatically convert your site to a mobile site. You don't have to lift a finger. And we keep your mobile site up to date with your regular website by automatically syncing your website content to your mobile site.

AliveMobile Optimizes for the most popular smartphones, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, WindowsMobile and others

Mobile Website Analytics Keep track of customer traffic and gain insight into
who is visiting your site. Works on all smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile

Broad compatibility gives you the most exposure to all mobile users.

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