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Using Google Places

Using Google Places

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Each business listing on Google is in fact a giant ‘cluster’ of information that we get from a few different places: Yellow Pages, for example, as well as other third-party providers. However, the basic information that we submit for you through Google Places is the information that is trusted the most. This means that it will appear instead of any basic information that we get from anywhere else. To make sure the basic information you submit is accurate, we’ll ask you to verify it first by providing us with a PIN that will be sent by Google to either your business address or phone number.

You can add other information to your listing too — such as a description of your business, for example, as well as photos, reviews, or information about hours and parking availability. All of this will also appear with similar information from other providers.

Some Benefits of Google Places More people search for businesses online than anywhere else, so it’s important to make sure your business listing can be easily found on and Google Maps. With Google Places, creating a great listing takes just a few minutes and doesn’t cost a thing.

Reach millions of Google users, quickly and for free, with Google Places

Edit your listing and speak for yourself

Your business probably already shows up on Google, but you should still verify your listing and make sure its details are accurate and thorough. Your improvements will start appearing as soon as you verify them through Google Places. A top feature with Google Local and Google maps is the category setting. You can choose up to 5 search categories for your business with your Google profile. You can also add markers on your map to show exactly where your business is located. This listing can change anytime your information changes. Just like your website designed by us, Just log in from any computer and update.

Practical and easy to manage

Your Google listing is an easy way to maintain an online presence even if you don’t have a website. You can visit Google Places anytime to edit your information or see how many people have seen and clicked on your listing.

Premium options? Sure. Have us create a custom Google Places Listing for you.

Make your listing really shine with photos and videos; custom categories like your service area, QR code, brands you sell and how to find parking; and coupons to encourage customers to make a first-time or repeat purchase. AliveWebs can handle all of this as part of our Premium SEO Services.